Project Scope

GeoConsult and Jaca & Sierra collaborated in the expansion of the United States Courthouse of Ron de Lugo Federal Building at St. Thomas, USVI, as geotechnical consultants and third-party inspectors, respectively.
Eng. Alan Crumley, GeoConsult, was the lead geotechnical engineer of the project, providing recommendations for deep foundations. His assessment consisted of performing a total of (4) borings and evaluating the capacities of various pile types/sections and pile depth.

Drilling and In Situ and Field Testing

Jaca & Sierra provided third party inspections with an onsite permanent technician overseeing the construction of 12” diameter CFA (continuous flight auger) piles as recommended by Eng. Crumley. The onsite technician was responsible for monitoring pile depth, duration of drilling and volume of grout as well as for sampling the grout mix to perform compression strength tests on an onsite laboratory. Jaca & Sierra also provided third-party inspection of the Static Axial Compressive Test (ASTM D 1143) performed on test piles.