Project Scope

he project consisted in the design and construction of anchored rock fall netting and shotcrete wall to stabilize certain cuts proposed for the civil grading works along the pipeline route thru the hillside for the C1-C2 Pipeline project. The rock fall revetment had different arrangements to match exposed soil or rock conditions. The netting system consisted of double twisted galvanized wire mesh combined with turf reinforcement to help control erosion and promote vegetation. The different kinds of drapery were arranged to match the purpose of either retaining near surface loose surface rocks from falling or a deeper slope stabilization.

Drilling and In Situ and Field Testing

The overall objective of the system was to allow for steeper cut slopes, less earthwork and natural slope disturbance. This was possible due to the soil/rock anchors that interact with fracture/weathered rock mass increasing its stability while the netting retains surface soils or rock between the anchors. Design concept is to stabilize the proposed cuts against rock falls, rock slides and erosion within the treated area.

The scope of work included the following:
1. 8,250 sq. ft of rock fall netting and rock anchors from Sta. 29+00 to 32+20;
2. 2,560 sq. ft of soil/rock nails with shotcrete from Sta. 29+00 to 30+60;
3. 1,938 sq. ft of rock fall netting and rock anchors from Sta. 33+60 to 34+10.