Project Scope

This project proposed the installation of an array of solar photovoltaic panels including and
electrical substation and solar inverters, along the 200 acres of site area located in Eulalia Farm, Aceituna Ward, Moca, Puerto Rico. Jaca & Sierra Engineering, PSC was contracted by Blue Oak Energy to perform site investigations and prepare geotechnical recommendations for the project.

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

Geophysical tests by means of electrical resistivity surveys were also conducted as well as thermal resistivity testing and soil corrosion tests. Other laboratory tests included expansion index tests and direct shear.

Drilling and In Situ and Field Testing

he geotechnical study program was directed to obtain subsurface soil information to be utilized in the formulation of the pertinent recommendations for the intended structure foundation systems on a site covered by sinkholes, depressions and karst terrain. The fieldwork consisted of drilling 42 test borings distributed throughout the project area. Thirty-three (33) borings were drilled to a depth ranging from 20 to 25 feet below existing ground surface (BEGS). Eight (8) boreholes were drilled to shorter depths due to early refusal values encountered and one (1) test boring was performed to a depth of 35 feet BEGS due to a cavity found at 25 feet depth.


The evaluation of sinkholes and depressions was performed along with Professional Geologist Dr. James Joyce who conducted a comprehensive geological evaluation of the site conditions.
Land surveyor Javier Bidot (Javier Bidot & Associates) was also involved in the mapping of the identified sinkholes and the determined setback distance as defined by Dr. James Joyce and Jaca & Sierra engineers.