GPR Scans for Steel Identification

Jaca & Sierra Engineering, PSC is known to perform geotechnical evaluations and perform materials testing throughout the entire Caribbean. In the past years the capabilities of our firm have increased to cover other disciplines. Our engineers and technical personnel have developed a structural survey division which specializes in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of reinforced concrete by geophysical methods.

Our services typically involve using Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic equipment for concrete inspection and analysis. GPR uses optical structure scanning system that works in combination with a processing unit, a computer and various high frequency antennas to create 2D slice profiles into the concrete. When a grid is established, the data can be processes by software to create 3-D images. This is useful to detect rebar, post-tensioned ducts, conduits, defects and anomalies within the concrete structure. Other techniques used by our NDT division include electromagnetic rebar detection equipment, ultrasonic pulse velocity and impact echo, among others.


Notable Projects:
  • US Customs Facilities, San Juan: NDT Services
  • VA Hospital Parking Garage, San Juan: PT Cable Survey
  • US Coast Guard, San Juan: Void Detection
  • Oso Blanco State Penitentiary, San Juan: GPR Structural Survey

Typical Applications

  • Concrete Survey: – locate metallic and non-metallic targets, such as rebars and conduits within concrete structures
  • Structural Assessments: – map relative concrete conditions and locate rebar as well as Post-Tensioning Cables.
  • Measure slab thickness and detect voids within the structural elements