Project Scope

The project consisted in the construction of a new pier to the north of the existing Heritage Quay Pier to the northwest of Antigua at St. John's Harbor. The proposed pier measures 1,050 ft (320 m) approximately.
Jaca & Sierra Engineering, PSC was contracted by Meridian Construction to perform site investigations and prepare geotechnical recommendations for the project. The exploratory program was directed to obtain subsurface soil information to determine axial and lateral capacity of the pier piles, recommendations for drivability of pile sections and dredging considerations.

Drilling and In Situ and Field Testing

Subsurface drilling was executed by means of the HW casing advancer system and HQ wireline rock coring per ASTM D 1452 using a trailer mounted CME-55 drill hydraulic rotary drill. The drill rig was positioned on the side of the barge from a steel deck balcony.
A total of nine (9) borings were performed throughout the site; seven (7) Standard Penetration Test borings identified as SPT-1 thru SPT-7; and two (2) Cone penetration Test borings identified as CPTU-1 and CPTU-2. A downhole seismic test was performed at a landside boring.